What’s With the Pantyhose?

You’re probably wondering what inspired my blog title. Well, when I started my organization, the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, there were quite a few times that I found myself ‘winging it.’ Office? I’d cram into a cubicle in another company’s office space. Employees? I’d ask my friends to help until I could hire someone on. Funding? I’d talk to everyone about celiac disease until I made my case.

Thankfully, I met Nancy Ginter, our Director of Operations and the Energizer Bunny of our group. She was just as ready to jump in as I was. We often talked about “flying by the seat of our pants.” One day Nancy said, “No. By the seat of our pantyhose.” The saying stuck.

Now, nearly 9 years later, those pantyhose are holding strong. Sure, we’ve had our snags, but it’s been the most life-fulfilling and empowering experience I’ve ever had.

I want others to find their “pantyhose” moments. And what better way to do that than by sharing stories of women who did? So, in addition to writing about the early days of NFCA, I’m inviting other women to tell how they turned their visions into reality.


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